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Just a little bit about me...

artist, photographer, and much more.

Hey there! I’m a small town New Jersey artist who got swept up in military life when I married my college sweetheart. I started my business when I was at Fort Benning, Georgia and far away from my Jersey roots. My husband was busy training and I was at home with an unfinished degree. I realized there were few job opportunities for spouses, educated or not, so I made my own opportunity & started my own business that encompassed all of my passions. I made a career I could take anywhere, do at home, & be myself. What started out as me selling watercolor prints online, has grown into writing a blog for military spouses, photographing cuddly couples & families, & making custom paintings that immortalize clients’ love letters.

Fast forward a bit, my husband got stationed in Germany and we happily packed up our lives and moved across the Atlantic. These days you can usually find me working on my computer with a big cup of coffee in my hand in one of my crazy mugs, cuddled up on the couch with my dog and husband watching the Bachelor, in my studio painting, or going through photos from my last adventure. I’m so excited to bring you along this journey with me as I travel around Europe and navigate the twists and turns that life has to offer!


Sara Jones

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