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5 Ways Making Friends as an Adult is like Dating



5 Ways Making Friends as an Adult is like Dating

1. You look at their online profiles to see if they look normal

Let’s be honest, Facebook profiles can be pretty spot on about someone. You swipe through their profile pictures, then cover photos, and then you find yourself in the abyss. What’s her job? Does she go out a lot? Oooh I like that band! Does she go on political rants? Can I pet that puppy that she took 7 pictures with on Tuesday?  Before you know it you’re a creep, but your investigation is complete and you’re ready to move on to the first date.


2. The first date is always awkward

8pm drinks at your favorite dive bar. Okay, this will be fine! Suddenly you get clammy and nervous, but you walk in the door anyway.  This can go two ways: You talk with her for a while and the conversation is flowing, (you see a best friend in your future!) OR it’s like pulling teeth, you drink three rounds of margaritas to get through it, and both of you are trying to fill any awkward silences. 


3. You don’t know if the feeling is mutual

The first date went great...right? I had fun, but did she have fun? Then you play the awkward game of who will text first and who will set up the next date.  Or maybe the first date went horribly and you’re hoping she felt the same way and will never talk to you again.


4. The crazy can come out after a month or so

Okay, you’ve hung out together quite a few times at this point, but you see a different side of her start to seep out…the crazy side.  Maybe she won’t stop talking badly about people, texting you live updates of what she’s watching on tv or eating, maybe she starts lying about weird things or yelled at a waiter or store clerk, or even worse, maybe she tried to start drama with your existing friends or your relationship. Regardless of the reason, she’s just batshit bananas CRAY and you have to shut it down before it becomes toxic in your life. 


5.  You either break up or find your soul sister

 Much like romantic relationships, you will probably have a fight or two with your friends, because no one is perfect. Either you decide that your friendship is more important than whatever you two are squabbling about and get over it, or you decide that the squabble was actually a huge unforgivable blow out squabble and you’ll have a fiery break up and never speak again. If you get past the argument with your friendship intact, it’s very possible you’ve found yourself a soul sister. She’ll bug the sh*t out of you sometimes, but you can’t live without each other. That’s a real friendship gem right there. 

Sara Jones