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Queen of the Wolves- Hendricks’ Newborn Session

Yesterday marked two weeks since this little nugget came into the world! It was such a pleasure working with this dual military couple and their brand new babe.

Little Mischa was happily milk drunk throughout our session and was such a breeze to photograph! It was a blast playing dress up, switching out bows, headbands, and onesies. I swear, she slept through 90% of our session and was the perfect model!

By the end of our time together, Mischa was looking like the Queen of the Wolves with her two furry husky siblings surrounding her. And let me tell you- those dogs LOVE HER! They were so careful and protective of her, it was so sweet to see. At one point those two pups even stole the show with their goofball nature!

Mischa was also accompanied by her amazing doula, Jillian Ryan (shameless plug for MomBod Doula!). I snapped some great moments between baby and doula that reflected Jill’s important role to Mischa and Mama Kat’s story.

I truly hope that Mischa can one day look back on these photos and see how much love surrounds her. I feel honored to be a part of such an important moment of the Hendricks’ Family story!

Sara Jones