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I had the pleasure of capturing time for the Allen family last week and oh man, was it a great kick off to the fall season! The Allen family is made up of Khalil, Karen, and their sweet daughter Laelah. Khalil is a soldier in the U.S. Army, while Karen runs an amazing blog, which you can check out here: https://livealittle.home.blog/. They’re charming, funny, easy-going, and fashion forward. I was in LOVE with their fall color scheme and cozy attire! What was really magical about this family was watching the way Khalil and Karen interact; how easily they made one another laugh, how well they mesh together as parents, and how much they adore each other and their little Laelah. I can feel their love radiating from these photos!

The first location was a dark forest backdrop, which was perfect for the Allen Family’s bright autumnal outfits. Karen had a little trouble finding the perfect headpiece to match Laelah’s outfit, so I made her a flower crown before the shoot. I made the flower crown out of fresh purple seasonal flowers to compliment her deep yellow sweater. Princess Laelah just loved it! It was the late afternoon when we walked down a dusty rocky road (sorry about your shoes guys lol) and we started our shoot.

As we approached golden hour, we arrived at our second spot. It was a sunflower field nestled into the hills of Bavaria. The sky was full of dark clouds and I was worried there wasn’t enough light to finish the shoot. Then out of nowhere the sunset softly poked through the dark clouds for about 10 minutes, which was just enough time for me to snap some more quick photos. It also gave the photos an interesting backdrop! Good thing we did the photo session the day we planned, because a couple days later a huge storm blew in and destroyed the flowers.

Thanks again to the Allen Family for being such wonderful clients!

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Sara Jones