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The Most Harmful Word to a Woman


A lot of women can recognize negative self-talk like, I’m not enough, I can’t do this, what am I even doing, I don’t belong here, who am I to be or do this? These phrases are all too common, but most women can agree that they are obviously negative and can correct themselves when the phrases make an appearance. But what about the word no one talks about? What’s the one word that sneaks into our conversations, pops up in introductions, and slides into our elevator pitches? Just. 

Just is dangerous. Just makes your sentence go from big and confident to small and doubtful. “I just thought we could do this instead.” “Let’s do this instead.” See the difference? In an Army environment, I meet a lot of creative women that have various passions, side hustles, and full-blown businesses, so why do they still say just? Oh, I’m just a mom who loves to bake, I just have this thing I do but I’m mostly just a wife, I’m just a stay at home mom who just writes as a hobby…girl, NO. If you love what you do, if you aspire to turn that hobby, dream or passion into something more, then you need to stop playing small and stop saying just. You are not just a mom. You are not just a wife. You are not just doing this because you feel like it or because you’re bored. You are not justanything. You are.

You are a mom who makes her children unbelievably happy and is giving them the best childhood that they could ever have. You are an amazing baker who deserves to be paid for those 10 cakes you made for other people in the past year. You are an amazing writer who is working on a rough draft of her first book. You are an amazing wife and support your husband, and you also create stunning jewelry that women gush over and love to wear. Stop playing small, stop minimizing your work, and take just to the curb with the garbage. Your gifts and blessings did not come into your life to be small or glossed over. Your dreams and talents are big, they are yours, and they are worth every word.