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The Ryan Family


Meet the Ryan Family! Made up of dad Dan, a soldier stationed here in Vilseck, Germany, mama Jill, who is helping other mamas through her work as a doula, 6 month old baby Rowan, and the family fur baby, Scout the german shepherd. This family was an absolute JOY to work with (seriously)! This was their first photo shoot since Rowan was born and it was a privilege to capture their newly expanded family. The shoot featured two locations in a little under 3 hours, one of which was golden hour. At our first location, we did a mini hike through the forest to get to a wide open field with a large oak tree in the middle. The sun was out (very lucky for Germany) and in the early stage of setting, which gave off a gorgeous golden light. Scout was having too much fun playing in the open field, so we didn’t get too many shots of him, but this allowed me to capture some beautiful tender moments with the family.

While capturing a dog and a baby in a photo is not an easy task, luckily I had help from my friend Terri. She was the dog handler, made baby Rowan laugh, smile, and simply look at the camera (because we all know babies tend to randomly stare off into space LOL), and was an all around blessing to the shoot. Rowan was hilariously fascinated with Terri and Scout as he ran around. One of my favorite moments from the shoot was when Jill was holding little Rowan underneath the oak tree, Terri and I were talking to Rowan, when he just smiled, put his hands in his mouth, and quickly hid into his mom’s chest.


Baby Giggles Galore

“Terri and I were talking to Rowan, when he just smiled, put his hands in his mouth, and quickly hid into his mom’s chest.”

We had so much fun shooting at the first location, that we almost forgot about the second! We left in a hurry, power walking back up the trail, trying to save the last 20 minutes of golden hour for the next location, BUT that didn’t stop me from snapping a few quick photos in front of the plant life.

The sun had just dipped below the horizon when we arrived at our next location, and as I stepped out of my car, I noticed that the Ryan Family had changed all of their outfits in the car on the way over- A-M-A-Z-I-N-G (seriously, I can’t do that, can you?). Anyway, we walked up to our location, a farmer’s field tucked in the rolling hills of Bavaria, covered with bright yellow flowers, and the backdrop was full of mountains and a colorful pastel sky. We found a bare patch in the field, so we wouldn’t step on any possible farm crops, and we had a perfect ending to the shoot!

Thanks for reading! Check out the Ryan Family’s full gallery here: https://jamisonjones.pixieset.com/theryanfamily/

Sara Jones